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We break down some of the highlighting products in these designs.

White Melamine Galley Style

  • Snowdrift White Fronts

    Laminex Snowdrift white cabinet fronts with 2mm pvc edge tape. Made to fit any modern style at a flexible price.

  • Negative detail handles

    Edge on a beveled 45 degree edge the door becomes the handle with a stylish negative detail running throughout the kitchen to give it a continuous flow.

  • Calcutta Veined Quartz Benchtop

    Classy as it comes from any quartz range, this benchtop is 30mm thick with a double sink undermounted. It has a waterfall end to complete the continuous look throughout the kitchen.

High Gloss Black Kitchen

  • High Gloss Black

    Ultraglaze with 1mm ABS edge tape. This product is a true glossy black that not even a paint job can match.

  • Alumnimum Handles

    Exstrusion handles to fit the entire width of each door and drawer front. These are cut to size for each specific job.

  • Thickened Benchtop

    A high-gloss thickened to 50mm laminate benchtop with an undermount sink. This has a extra large island of 1000mm to ensure a large space for the host to work with.

Matte Black Handleless

  • Matte Black Fingerless

    Using a modern Laminex Soft Touch Acrylic Matte Black, this product is a fingerless surface. Each door and drawer front has been hand crafted with a true 45 Degree handle with 1mm ABS edge tape.

  • Timber & Quartz Bench

    Making use of natural and man-made materials. This kitchen is designed with a Rimu benchtop on the cooking side and on the island and scullery to have a black quartz benchtop.

  • Handle-less Fronts

    All doors and drawers are handle-less. This includes a bi-folding push to open pantry door with a negative detail of recycled rimu running in behind the door and drawer fronts.

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