Benchtop Process



Our process from start to finish with a wooden benchtop
  • Leading Grain Matching

    Our grain matches are some of the best around, with over 20 years of experience working with many different natural timbers we offer a seamless match all around.

  • Solid Resin Coating

    Most timber bench tops are left open and porous, this is often leading to the customer having to oil or maintain their top over long periods of time. It also opens the wood to rot. We cover ours with a highly special resin that can take any medium warm heated pot and can be made to look smooth or glossy.

  • Quality Assurance

    All our bench tops come with a 5 year workmanship guarantee. Just like our kitchens - if you aren't completely happy or something wasn't done right we will take care of it for you.

  • FSC Approved Timbers

    All our timber is sourced ethically and imported to New Zealand or milled in New Zealand. We have access to most timbers but not all species are approved.

  • Avaliability of Timbers

    Wood, being a natural product - can from time to time run into a shortage or lack of supply. This means at any given time we may either have to search for a specific species and pay a premium price or reserve the right to offer an alternative species that may suit your project.

  • 2 - 3 Weeks turn-around

    Each job is unique in nature, we allow around 10 working days but sometimes this can be quicker or sooner. For our bench tops to be the best quality they can be - we like to take the extra time to ensure our layering process takes the correct amount of time to complete.

Bethany trust house Consultation

Every project starts with a chat about your project, normally in your home, or if your more comfortable at our offices. This means you will need to take about an hour of your weekday to have a chat with us about the scope of your project. You will need to supply us with a name, phone number, address and email (don’t worry this is just so we can contact you!). Once we complete the chat we will need about 5 minutes to measure the space.

While onsite we spend some time taking measurements and talking to you about how you would like your bench top to sit. We will discuss what bowl options you have, and anything else such as thickness, hob cutouts, species, surface finish and overhangs. 

Quoting of project

After our site meeting we will return to the office and provide you with a price for your bench top. This will either be supply only or we can install for you if you are local to the Waikato region. 

Accepting quote Once you are happy with the final figure on your quote, it is time to get the ball rolling. Our terms of payment are as follows:
  • 50% Deposit on the including gst figure on the original amount, this locks your job into our production schedule.
  • 40% Deposit on the including gst figure on the original amount on the completion of your project in our factory and before the job is delivered.
  • 10% Deposit (or any remaining balance – sometimes additional stuff is added) the remaining balance of your kitchen invoice is paid once you are happy with the final installation of the works.
Depositing is accepting our terms of trade and terms and conditions which are outlined on all of our quotations, you can also read them here


 Upon confirmation of payment we arrange a time with you to return to your premises and complete a final check measure. This is best done with your walls being ready and prepped with the kitchen installed to ensure an accurate measure. We will confirm some final details with you then head back to the office.

Production Drawing

We take our measurements and then provide a drawing with the final details on it. 

If you think anything is missing during this stage you must let point out your concerns and we make any required changes.

Upon you being happy with the drawings we require written acceptance or a signature on the plans, as from this point forward changes may incur an additional cost.

Once this has been received, we move on to the next stage.

Stacked timber

Once your production plans are signed and ready, we can start ordering all your timber and sinks.Depending on the type of materials chosen these can take up to 10 working days to arrive at our factory.

Please note: we do keep large stock on multiple species of wood.

Grain Match

Extensive time is laid into making sure that all the grains of the wood match and look as natural as possible. We cut and match until we get everything right.

Once we are done doing this we will glue and join the timber together ready for cleaning up.

Cleaned up benchtop

The bench top is then bought close to size and ready to be coated. This is done on a CNC for pinpoint accuracy.

Coating of benchtop

Coating is a tedious process and can be the most time consuming.

You can see in the picture above it’s not until you apply the coating that the timber gets a really amazing colour. 

Timber is a natural product so you can’t be 100% accurate in predicting the colour every time.

We seal top and bottom to ensure the timber is reduced in risk of any sort of rot. This is also true if we have a sink tap hole or under-mount sinks

Finished cabinets

Once your kitchen is finished on the floor it is now built and ready to be put in the loading bay and ready for delivery.

Once this is completed we will take photos or if you a close-by, come into the factory to take a look.

Before we deliver any kitchen we require the final 40% payment, once this is confirmed the delivery date will be adhered to. If this date goes past because of no payment we can’t guarantee the next date being close so please keep this in mind.

Cabinet Delivery

We will deliver your goods and place them inside your home wrapped and ready to be installed.

We also offer an installation for our bench top, but if you are having your kitchen done through another company we may supply the timber bench to them and they finish the installation.

Rimu benchtop

Once the bench top is delivered it is ready to be installed. This can take anywhere between 2 – 4 hours and even longer on site joins. 

This is something that needs to be done right so please give our installer space during this time.

Once the bench top is in you can finalize with your plumber and electrician and have it all signed off.

We will then confirm you are happy with the install.