Our Process


So you know what you want, but where to from here?

A general overview of how we do things from start to finish.

Bethany trust house Consultation

Every project starts with a chat about your project, normally in your home, or if your more comfortable at our offices. This means you will need to take about an hour of your weekday to have a chat with us about the scope of your project. You will need to supply us with a name, phone number, address and email (don’t worry this is just so we can contact you!). Once we complete the chat we will need about 5 minutes to measure the space.

6 lewis way concept

With the information and questions you answered at your initial consultation we take that away and use our 3D design software to provide you with a conceptual floor plan. This will give you a close idea of what the final product will be. It normally takes up to a week for a design to be sent through, depending on the time of year sometimes allow up to 2 weeks (Specifically leading up to Christmas months).

If you want to change anything on the design we can make up to 2 free changes, after that we will require a payment to finish the design this is normally a flat fee of $150.00.

Once you are happy with the design we will normally have a solid idea of the products you would like, this means we can start quoting your kitchen.

Quoting of project

There are a lot of different components to any given project, especially highly customized jobs. This part can take the longest depending on the scope of your works. Each quote is individualized to your product specifications and more. Please allow at least 1 week from giving the green light on the plan to receiving your quote.

All of our quotes are subject to discussion and we are happy to discuss pricing. If you feel something isn’t right or we may on the odd occasion miss something! We are more than happy to take a look the numbers and discuss with you e.g. adding and removing products to suit your budget / needs.

Accepting quote Once you are happy with the final figure on your quote, it is time to get the ball rolling. Our terms of payment are as follows:
  • 50% Deposit on the including gst figure on the original amount, this locks your job into our production schedule.
  • 40% Deposit on the including gst figure on the original amount on the completion of your project in our factory and before the job is delivered.
  • 10% Deposit (or any remaining balance – sometimes additional stuff is added) the remaining balance of your kitchen invoice is paid once you are happy with the final installation of the works.
Depositing is accepting our terms of trade and terms and conditions which are outlined on all of our quotations, you can also read them here






Upon confirmation of payment we arrange a time with you to return to your premises and complete a final check measure. This is best done with your walls being ready and prepped for the kitchen to ensure an accurate measure. We will confirm some final details with you then head back to the office.

Measure twice cut once!

Production Drawing

After about a week you will receive a set of production drawings which will provide you with detailed and exact measurements that your kitchen will be made to. This will overview all your product choices and their placements within your design and note down anything that may have been discussed during the design and final measure stage.

The point of these drawings are not to be good looking but to get the technical side of the kitchen fitting to your space. (won’t look as pretty as the initial concept!).

If you think anything is missing during this stage you must let point out your concerns and we make any required changes.

Upon you being happy with the drawings we require written acceptance or a signature on the plans, as from this point forward changes may incur an additional cost.

Once this has been received, we move on to the next stage.

Hardware and samples img

Once your kitchens production plans are signed and ready, we can start ordering all your special hardware, cabinet colour, sinks, taps, handles and anything else relating to your kitchen. Depending on the type of materials chosen these can take up to 10 working days to arrive at our factory.

Cutting out

Once your materials arrive, from the production drawings, we can now take it and use our special software to output your materials to our CNC machines.

Once the program is loaded to the CNC, we start cutting your job.

Your job is then loaded onto one of our job tables and move to the next part of the manufacturing stage.

Edging board

Each kitchen is edged using our edge bander, this takes a roll of PVC edge tape and glues it to the board and leaves it with a stunning edge. Each job uses a different type of edge tape. Depending on the type of job, we always give you the best finish to suit your kitchen fronts and carcass.

While your kitchen is being edged, each unit is sorted into its own pile in a work bay.

Assembly of cabinets

Once your kitchen is sorted and into its work bay, one of our assembly staff will now start studying your kitchen production plan.

Once they have spent time doing this, they will then start assembling your job into cabinets and lay it out in the factory.

Finished cabinets

Once your kitchen is finished on the floor it is now built and ready to be put in the loading bay and ready for delivery.

Once this is completed we will take photos or if you a close-by, come into the factory to take a look.

Before we deliver any kitchen we require the final 40% payment, once this is confirmed the delivery date will be adhered to. If this date goes past because of no payment we can’t guarantee the next date being close so please keep this in mind.

Cabinet Delivery

On your production plan there will be a delivery date and install date. These are usually two different days to ensure there is no overlap with our installers / deliveries.

We will delivery your goods and place them inside your home wrapped and ready to be installed.


It’s finally time, the cabinets are there and the installer has arrived. This is the most critical stage of the kitchen process and we like to get things right. So for that to happen we require space when our installers are working.

Your kitchen installation can be 1 – 3 days depending on the scope of works but we work quickly and diligently as possible.

Benchtop on

Depending on your choice of benchtop, if it is laminate the installer will take care of this while doing the cabinets. If it’s stone or stainless a template will be required the next day once the cabinets have finished and been installed.

Stone benches typically take 10 working days from time of template to be installed.

Final signoff on kitchen

If for any reason you find something wasn’t up to your satisfaction or you require something to be looked at now is the time to tell us and we will get it sorted. We aim for the highest customer satisfaction.

Once your kitchen is signed off and your happy, we require you to pay your final 10% or the remainder of your invoice.

Kitchens Made Ezi has now completed their part. This means you can have plumbers, electricians, tiling, splashbacks and flooring all go into finishing your kitchen renovation.